Haida Phrases

The following Haida phrases and audio files were done by Master Haida speaker Phyllis Almquist and Apprentice Linda Schrack.

Phyllis’ Haida name is Kwii gáay íiwants.  She is of the Raven moiety and from the Star House.

For many years Phyllis has been very generous with volunteering her time and sharing her expertise in teaching the Haida language.

Linda took her first Haida language class with her Chinna and Nana (Robert and Nora Cogo) in the mid 1970’s. In the early 1990’s she began attending classes that Phyllis was teaching and eventually became her apprentice.  The two have been working together since then.  

In January 2000, Phyllis and Linda were awarded a Master/Apprentice grant from the Sealaska Heritage Institute. The project was called Xaad Kil Hl Guusuu (Speak Haida Now).  They developed a collection of basic Haida phrases and audio recordings to accompany them.  Part of their original goal was to create web pages for these phrases, in order to share them with others who would not typically have an opportunity to see and hear the language.  That goal has now been realized as part of SHI's Haida Immersion Curriculum Development Project.

We hope you enjoy learning from these pages.

Jan 12 2004
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